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Water – Letting go of Control

One of the symptoms associated with an imbalance in the water element is the need for control and the fear of losing control. Only when we embody all that we are, deeply connected to our intuition, our Higher Self and Spirit, living in trust, acceptance, and surrender, are we able to let go of the urge to control our own life circumstances or people.

We are then able to accept and embrace the constant nature of change, remaining deeply centered and in our Truth, to respond and not to react to life and to follow our heart’s mission. Feeling safe and following our innate wisdom, knowing that our instincts, intuition, and guidance will guide us along the path that serves our highest good. ⁠

True power to manifest your highest potential and visions comes from wisely cultivating your own inner resources and flowing with your guidance rather than focusing on overusing your brain or burning yourself out.

Just as water must be able to relentlessly express its true nature to unfold its full potential and power. We too must simultaneously and relentlessly express our true nature if we are to be successful in like.

Otherwise, we will find ourselves in a created reality in which we feel stuck without being able to experience any ‘flow, joy, or breakthroughs‘.

To find your Truth, you must undertake your own independent investigation of the Truth and be willing to heal and to let go of inherited beliefs, structures, old wounds, and adopted identities.  Living in your Truth allows you to simply be yourself – to understand your infinite nature and divine essence, without the need to add anything – living in acceptance and surrender to what is – realising the Universe within.

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