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Harness the Power of the Solar Eclipse in April 2024

The upcoming Solar Eclipse and the weeks ahead bring powerful and transformative energy. This time holds an invitation to take heart-centred, inspired, and focused actions toward our life visions, projects, and heart callings in new ways. 

It’s a call to resolve what no longer serves our higher vision, to re-discover the magic of the present moment, and to recognise life’s preciousness and wonder in every instant. These energies may also bring unforeseen endings, changes, and deep purification, personally and on the world stage. Once again, it’s an invitation to find peace with the polarity and contradictory nature of this dimension.

The challenge of moving forward

You may have spent the last few months or even years contemplating how to move forward in your relationships, pursue your heart’s calling, or align with your life vision. Or the longing for something different from your current life may have left you feeling frustrated or sad. The belief that you can not manifest and actualise what you deeply feel in your heart and soul can intensify feelings of not being good enough.

This repetitive cycle is often rooted in the fear of making the wrong choices, uncertainty about the next steps, or the fear of being fully oneself. Clinging to the past or longing for a better future also prevents us from truly embracing the present moment.

Transforming limitations

How can we transform these mental limitations and aversions to what is and flow with life and our visions despite the fear, uncertainty, and other obstacles that make us feel ‘stuck’? After all, the whole of creation is in a constant state of transformation.

It is essential to release the old cycle and step into the new, willing to trust and embrace the unfolding of life. Embrace your current reality, focus on its positive aspects, welcome the challenges and become aware of the magic inherent in all circumstances and experiences. Life is a perfectly orchestrated play, yet it can be confusing and challenging for the ego/mind to comprehend. Life/the Universe always operates in your favour and provides experiences that facilitate growth and healing. At its most fundamental core, this reality is entirely impersonal and merely a reflection of your consciousness.

When you embrace each moment consciously and with acceptance, you return to the ‘flow’ state and again access feelings of fulfilment and abundance. Shifting your focus clears blocked energies and can open portals to new potentials that extend far beyond your mind’s imagination. In this way, life can unveil new opportunities that amplify your light, power, and creative expression in the world.

Take the first steps towards your heart visions

Begin by creating a roadmap for your next steps. Allow yourself to play, experiment, and be guided by your inner wisdom, divine guidance, and creative impulses. Follow your natural rhythm. Change your routines and approach tasks differently. Make decisions and move forward with clear intentions. Internalise feelings of abundance, power, and wholeness, as nothing in the outside world, can bring you peace and fulfilment; everything you seek is already within you. Whenever your mind wants to hold you back, proceed anyway.

Be aware of what you are focusing on. Keep your vibration high and your heart open. Create a self-care routine and practice compassion for yourself, all of creation, and the unfolding events in the world. Trust your inner knowing as the new path is guided by your higher self, your divine guidance, heart, and soul.

Soul Guidance

To support your journey through this transformative period, I draw a card for guidance from the beautiful deck “Life Soul Vision Oracle” by Romy Wyser. The insights revealed by this card are deeply resonant and perfectly aligned with the energies of this month.

Card 54: Soothe Your Soul

Keywords: Harmony, Balance, Peace, Rejuvenation, Relaxation, Calmness, Joy, Grace, Sanctuary. 

A graceful waterfall directs you to the secrets of a hidden pool of tranquillity, a refuge to bask in the energies that will Soothe your Soul.

When you orientate your energy to constantly seek the best vibrational feeling that is available at the moment, you create pathways to restore balance and harmony in your mind, body and soul. To be a seeker of peace, to prioritise your well-being and to discover what will maintain a sense of safety through the sanctuaries you create.

It is the ritual that will consistently honour and respect your need for enrichment, calmness and access to rejuvenating energies. You are being invited to direct your focus to what your soul needs to feel nourished. To slow down, and respond to the subtle spiritual cues that offer respite from what is disrupting your nervous system and causing chaos in your thoughts. This is a message to listen and respond to so that you may soothe your soul back into alignment and come home to yourself in loving gratitude and grace.


You are acting in compassion and kindness to what your soul needs to thrive. You are taking a break from something, time out or time away creates a haven that will recharge your light and rebalance your energy field. You are sensitive to what drains and depletes you and make course corrections to limit or withdraw from anything that causes you to undue stress and uncertainty. You are drawn to readdress approaches that feel harsh, pressurising or unrealistic and create improved pathways, schedules and commitments that reflect a healthier loving balance. You are taking time to take care of yourself. You are respecting yourself and confidently saying no to what no longer resonates or serves your growth. You feel more at peace in who you are, accepting yourself in more beautiful ways and telling new narratives that are wrapped in honey and gold as you attune to channels of unconditional love and unity. You are attracting people who feel like home to you.


You are burnt out and neglecting yourself. You have difficulty saying no and boundaries are not being honoured or respected by you or towards you. Your nervous system is overstimulated and you find it difficult to unwind. You are restless to be somewhere but unsure where. Craving something but unclear on what. Take a step back from your life, find the pause between the choice and the action and see where your soul is trying to guide you.


I am the love that I seek. 

I am the security that I desire. 

I am the wholeness that I search to complete me. 

In finding myself I find peace. 

Where I let love flow, I transcend the patterns that get tangled in my soul.

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