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Heightened Sensitivity and changing reality

Reality, both individually and collectively, is rapidly evolving, catching many people unprepared for these rapid transformations.  From an energetic perspective, we find ourselves in a pivotal moment on Earth, where we are awakening to deeper aspects of ourselves and embracing

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Shadow Work: A Journey Of Self-Acceptance

Most of us grow up in a society and environment that imposes a certain status quo. This status quo includes values, rules, beliefs and often unspoken expectations about how to live one’s life. Within this predefined structure, numerous taboos define

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The 5 Elements

We are in a deep cycle of clearing, resetting and awakening. One of the ancient civilisations that explain the cycle of transformation are the Chinese with the theory of the 5 elements, embedded in the philosophy that what applies to

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Water – Letting go of Control

One of the symptoms associated with an imbalance in the water element is the need for control and the fear of losing control. Only when we embody all that we are, deeply connected to our intuition, our Higher Self and

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