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Waves of Oneness is an ambassador and messenger for the New Earth. Our teachings focus on the expansion and embodiment of your intuition and consciousness, supporting you to live a heart-centered, balanced, and empowered life in unity.

We offer guidance and assist you on the journey back home to your heart and soul. Remember your

essence of love and your interconnectedness

with all,

much like a wave emerging from the whole – individual in form, returning to its source to be one with the Ocean again.

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Private Sessions

Step into a journey of growth, remembrance, and authentic living with nurturing and powerful personal support. Discover the services designed to help you thrive and embody your soul’s mission, visions and wholeness.

Online and in person.

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Monthly Heart Space Circle

A sacred and loving space unites kindred spirits from all around the world, fostering heart connections, personal growth and inspiration. It’s an invitation to be fully present, listen, and speak from the wisdom of our hearts.

Online and in person.

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Workshops / Events

Treat yourself to some well-deserved me-time. Our retreats and workshops, crafted around nature’s simple and magnificent cycles. Rediscover your own inner rhythms and embrace the innate essence of your being.

Online and in person.

from our founder


Welcome to Waves of Oneness.

I believe each one of us is meant to live a purposeful, authentic, and empowered life from the heart. One filled with inspiration, joy, and gratitude for being alive. It is not about being perfect or feeling great all the time but rather about showing up in the world in your truth and all that you are with an open heart. It’s about letting your unique, beautiful light shine, and sharing your innate wisdom and gifts. It´s a journey of meeting yourself and all of creation with compassion, respect and loving acceptance.

After a long healing journey which began in my mid-20s and took me around the world introducing me to different cultures and healing arts, I found my way back ‘home’ to my heart and truth, remembering my soul calling. Only then I realised that the love, passion, joy, sense of belonging, and all the answers I had been yearning for were and have always been within me.

I want you to know that you have come here to be different, unique, and a sparkling light in this world. 

You are important, beautiful, and deeply loved, and your soul tribe eagerly awaits to walk this earthly journey alongside you. You also deserve to live the life you deeply desire in your heart.

There is no manual
for life. No map.

No one path. No singular way of being.

Each of us is called to rediscover our inner map and our heart’s truth. We are divine beings on a human journey of remembering. Yet, we are all supporting each other as we walk each other home.

Let’s connect and create Waves of Oneness