Waves of Oneness is a place of belonging, open‑heartedness, remembering, authenticity;

at its core - a place of unity.

We invite you to explore with us the way of heart-centered and authentic living based on ancient principles. Principles that honou all of creation and remind us of our beauty, power and essence and the cyclical nature of everything.

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This is your invitation to a space in which we welcome, honor and support one another and connect with each other from our hearts. The heart that is all-knowing; the gateway to all other hearts, souls and all of creation - the seat of our true essence - our divinity - our home.

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soul tribe

Gain support and inspiration to let go of the walls you have built around your heart to remember your wholeness, power, and the precocious light that you bring forward into this life. Finally reclaim, embrace, and give yourself permission to be who you truly are and to share your uniqueness, magic, and soul wisdom with this world and beyond. This is an invitation to live a life in alignment with your heart’s calling, passion, and your magical beauty and light.

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(once monthly)

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