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Discovering the Aura of Magical Earth-Places

Through the reflection of the magic and power of nature, we are reminded of the omnipresence of the divine in all living beings. Not for thousands of years have the Sun and the Central Sun so powerfully flooded codons of light onto the Earth and through our consciousness and bodies. The Ley lines, the Earth grid, and the energetic vortexes (places of high frequency ) on Earth (and beyond) are being reactivated, and so are we. These places can powerfully support our healing, awakening, and remembrance of our origin, essence, and interconnectedness with all. 

Have you ever felt a sense of awe in magical places, especially in nature?

It’s that beautiful feeling that suddenly overwhelms you out of nowhere. There is an inherent energy in these places that feels magical, alive, healing, activating, and calming all at once. 

Capturing the Essence

It has always been my natural instinct to connect with the energy of places and, over time, capture some of these light codes and energy transmissions in photographs. For this, I am usually guided by my spirit guides or the beings, spirits, or guardians of that particular place. Last weekend, I ‘ended up’ in one of these magical places. I invite you to take some time to look at the photos and let their expression sink into your heart and soul.

What feelings do they stir up? What comes up for you?

Let us know…

Would you love to be taken to these places to learn more, communicate, and understand the subtle dimensions of these beautiful locations so you can remember more of yourself, your wisdom, and your soul gifts? Let us know! And remember; you are always supported on this journey of life, much more than your mind can imagine.

I would love to hear from you!

Love and blessings always,
Franziska ❤️

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