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Wood – Sharing your Unique Gift

As an Empath and highly sensitive soul, you may have adopted the belief that you are “different and not good enough to be loved. As a result, you might have started to limit your self-worth by what you do and have taken on identities that are not in your truth. One of the Wood-lesson in the 5-Element teachings is to let go, to define yourself through what you do and the need to be ‘perfect’ – and to realise you have been perfect all along the way. ⁠  

You are invited to investigate the powerful gifts that you bring to this world. These gifts are a combination of your soul wisdom and unique life experience – it requires you just to be yourself. You are here to bring new ways of living and unique, unconventional perspectives and solutions. ⁠  

This is what the world needs; for each one of us is a piece of the whole puzzle. Allow yourself to turn within and freely express your true nature. Act with integrity and be guided by your code of honour. It is now the time to be yourself, to expand and thrive with joy and an open heart.  

If you experience imbalances in the wood element it can also show up in the inability to take responsibility for yourself and your life experiences. You may lack self-control and blame and criticize others for your inability to make decisions, organize, plan, and take consistent action towards the fulfillment of your life purpose. ⁠

Physical imbalances include diaphragm (organ for processing emotions) liver, immune response, hormonal and digestive system problems, allergies, chronic pain, fatigue, bloating, and swelling.  

Related emotional symptoms of an imbalanced wood element include; depression (anger turned inward), indecision, lack of motivation and focus, victimization, need for approval, stress, anger, frustration, fear of responsibility, self-doubt, commitment issues. ⁠   ⁠

One wonderful way to support the wood elements is through Essential oils:⁠

• Bergamot soothes liver chi and helps alleviate old stored resentment.⁠
• Bitter orange moves liver and gallbladder stagnation.⁠
• Chamomile eases resentment and frustration.⁠
• Grapefruit cools an overheated liver.⁠
• Lavender cools and calms anger, resentment, and irritability.⁠
• Neroli calms the mind and relaxes the nerves.⁠
• Peppermint cools an overheated body and temperament.⁠

Namaste. x

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