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Energy report June 2021

June and July will bring many surprises and unexpected turns. The solar eclipse on 10 June supports each of us to awaken to profound realisations and insights at such a deep level that there is no turning back.

Suppose that you feel you are here to initiate this new era. In that case you are called to transcend the feeling of separation, judgement, and ‘victimhood’ within yourself and cultivate the awareness that you are interconnected with everything and all is in divine agreement.

It is time for you to fully embody your power and truth and let go of the old, which will also collapse in the outer world. New inventions, concepts, and ideas should now be researched further to have a chance to materialise and this should always be done with the intention of love.

A daily ritual to ground and centre yourself and to set energetic boundaries is essential at this time. This is even more important especially when you feel drained, tired, restless, anxious or if you are struggling to find clarity for yourself.

The potentials are changing faster as the frequency on earth is rising. The world can feel darker as we are in a deep phase of purification where everything that is not being lived from love is being ‘illuminated’, as mentioned many times. Some people will be ready to jump on these new timeline, but many people will not, and will hold on to the old.
These souls may decide to leave the earth to have another chance to start anew on this plane.  As much as this could feel upsetting at times, always hold everything in love and compassion, especially yourself, and find peace and understanding in your heart.

Flow with what presents itself to you. Always double check whether your actions are based on trust and love or triggered by fear. In the next 4-6 weeks more will become clearer not only in your personal life but also on the world stage.

As guided by my spiritual guidance, the format for this forecast will change in the coming months – more soon. Since the increasing frequency will cause your perceived reality to change faster and we are stepping out of a reality perceived as linear. As you heal the feeling of separation within, you will shift your reality and potentials at a rapid rate. Your intention, thoughts, conscious or unconscious, and words will create your experiences. The more you awaken to your truth and are able to remain in the present moment, the more you will be able to consciously navigate your experienced reality.

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