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Empathy, intuition & the increase in sensitivity

Empaths, highly intuitive and sensitive people are naturally aware of the multidimensional nature of existence since their early years, living in a state of expanded consciousness. This is the case for most young children. This awareness can include psychic abilities such as feeling, seeing, and hearing energies including ghosts, other people’s pain and emotion and the skills to sense and even predict future events and occurrences. Usually, these people feel particularly close to nature and often have the ability to communicate with animals, trees and plants.

However, as this is not considered ‘normal’ in western society, this natural ability often leads to self-doubt, shame, and anxiety already at a very young age.
As a result, many highly sensitive people start to believe that there is something not quite right with them. They often feel ‘different’, lost, and misunderstood trying to numb this channel of ‘knowledge beyond the mind’, compromising who they are, and unable to talk to anyone about their perception of reality. A reality that often feels frightening and overwhelming to them for their lack of understanding of how to handle and integrate their heightened perception, which is indeed our normal state of being when we are fully aligned with our innate perfection and wholeness within.

More people have started to awaken over the last years. Many feel sensitivity they did not know before, but are often unaware of or confused about what is truly happening to them.
That may be experienced in a sense of deeper knowing beyond the mind, increased sensory awareness, a sudden awareness of subtle aspects of our being and the world, and the need to spend more time alone and have more rest.
Anxiety, depression, confusion, overwhelm, burnout, loss of joy or inexplicable exhaustion and physical pain are only a few symptoms that can be part of this expanded state of awareness, particularly if we are unable to integrate these newly perceived aspects of Self.

There may be many reasons for the increase in the awareness of energy on our planet, that includes universal energetic activation and a change in the frequency of the earth grid due to which our ‘density’ decreases. As a result, we experience a process of activation and change of our bodies and subtle aspects including parts of our brains, DNA, and cells that have been dormant for a long time or ‘shut down’ at a very young age.

The current cycle will raise this awareness further, urging each of us to integrate all aspects of ourselves and seek the deeper truth within. That will really be the only way to cope with all that will be unfolding in the years ahead. Everyone is called to self-inquire, find stillness and investigate further about Self and reality with an open mind and heart.

It is a process of letting go of reality as you have known it. It is a journey into the depth of your very own being which may initially frighten you. It’s stepping out of the comfort zone. It involves a profound process of letting go and facing your shadows. It is the magical journey that enables you to claim your infinite power and wisdom and teaches you the art of acceptance and total surrender. It is a rebirth leading you to the essence of who you truly are; it is a journey of remembering and coming ‘home’.

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