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Australian Bushflowers and Energy Essences by Ian White & Bach Flowers by Dr. Bach

Flower and energy essences carry the healing energetic signature of the particular flower they are made of, a place or an element.

Mother Earth is here to help us ease our connectivity and fulfil our own path. Not only flower and energy remedies bring clarity to the conscious mind, and develop many intuitive abilities, but they also help us resolve negative beliefs. They support you dealing with emotions, health and relationships with more ease. These magical and powerful essences are safe for the whole family as well as for your pets, adding balance, emotional health and wellbeing.

The Australian Bush Flower Essences work at the 1st level, the cognitive and emotional.

The White Light Essences work at the 2nd level, healing and clearing at the Soul level.

The Light Frequency Essences work at the level of the divine essence, also referred to as the personal flame or higher self.

Sessions to find your most supportive essences are available via Zoom in English or German. Individual essences can also be added to your reading or energy healing session to integrate and support you during your process of transformation and self-growth.


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