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Wood – The Ability to See Within

Wood according to the teachings of the 5 Elements⁠, relates to how we view ourselves. It is connected to the ability to see inside and to the person’s benevolence, gratitude, and being able to create and flow in life.⁠

It is also related to how we view ourselves and whether we focus on our actions, adapted identities, or if we can awaken to ourselves beyond, realizing and embracing our essence and true self within. As for focusing on the action, it involves judgment and ‘right and wrong’. ⁠

Only be moving out of judgment we can just be and also allow others just to be and let go of the feeling of not being ‘perfect enough’. As for true self-esteem comes from honouring who we truly are inside and not from ‘what we do’! ⁠

The key is to look beyond what is done by yourself or others, and to focus on what lies inside of your and other’s hearts – to embrace and love the expression of your inner true nature as this I inherently divinely beautiful and lovable.

Heightened Sensitivity and changing reality

Reality, both individually and collectively, is rapidly evolving, catching many people unprepared for these rapid transformations.  From an energetic perspective, we find ourselves in a pivotal moment on Earth, where we are awakening to deeper

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