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The Illumination of the ‘Non-Light’

There will be a period in the coming years when it feels as if humanity has reached the peak of the non-Light or ‘darkness’ in the shift and purification that you are currently experiencing. At that very moment, you will become deeply aware of the Light all around you, and you shall realize that it has always been there.⁠

For, in reality, the Light is present in ways that it has never been on Earth before – or shall we say, in ways, it has not been for many thousands of years. You have to trust that. For you must remain anchored within your heart, in this significant time on Earth. ⁠

But understand, that all which is not in alignment with the frequency of the New Paradigm will be illuminated. For this reason, the darkness will appear so prominent and visible to many. Although, these “non-Light agendas” have been playing out for very long – and yet again; all is One and in divine agreement.

However, this time too much Light will flood Earth for people to remain in ignorance and in the extremes of duality. Waking up is inevitable. Yet, many will try holding onto old structures, ways and identities. Even if they do not serve any of you and have never done so. ⁠

Many will be too afraid to face their own ‘darkness’ and therefore, will not be able to go within and see their Truth, Power and Light in their hearts. ⁠

And many will choose to leave this incarnation in this ‘storm’ – these ‚ships’ will sink and return to the vastness of the Ocean – the Sea of Oneness – of Eternal Love – of the All-Mighty Ones. ⁠

At the same time, lots of souls have chosen to incarnate, and are and will be born on Earth to bring new teachings and anchor the Light.⁠

All of you that are here for this time are called to rise and radiate your divine Light within the apparent storm of the night. Remember that nothing is ever as it seems or appears. ⁠

Eternal Truth can only be found deep within your hearts – anchored in oneness and the eternal light and love; that which you are.⁠

We love you dearly!⁠⁠

Your galactic sisters and brothers – the Ancient Ones. ⁠
The Ones from your eternal Home – the Home of all.⁠

Channelled on New Moon by Franziska

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