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The companion of sadness & the longing for wholeness

Once again, a heartfelt feeling of melancholy arises, a regular, familiar companion on my life journey. I find myself wondering where my passion and sparks of joy have gone and even questioning my own and the whole of existence. No, there is no apparent reason for me to be feeling this way, and I can even feel emerging judgement about my state of feeling, having grown up (like most of us) in a reality where there should be logical reasons for everything and anything that seems to be felt and that occurs.

At the same time, I feel that now is the time to embrace and welcome all that I am and feel, the pain and sadness of separation and the longing for that inexplicable ‘something’ that seems to have no name but can only be found inside of me. So that I can drop deeper and return to the wholeness within to live and embody the callings of my heart in loving acceptance and trust.

We have all grown up in a world of deep conditioning that undermines the intimate relationship with our own inner wisdom, heart, power and individual expression. And yet some of us have never stopped hearing the whisper of our heart and soul even though many of us have lost ourselves for a while on this journey called life until we were led back to the original path through many ‘dark nights of the soul’. And even then there remains deep longing for home, the oneness – source energy. A memory that always brings this underlying sadness and sometimes even loneliness.

We are now in the cycle of returning to the frequency of oneness, which you also carry deeply within your being, for we are all one and a spark of creation! This new era and the rising energy on this planet are inviting you to ‘come home, to realise yourself and choose your own sovereignty. And to recognise that there is nowhere else to go but to be fully present in this now moment. To simply embody and honour all that you are, living your calling and passion from the heart – for that is the highest purpose of being on this planet.

Allow yourself now to step out of the self-constructed cage and be free and wild and to remember more of yourself again – being the key to healing this feeling of profound melancholy and sadness that you have been carrying for so long. Live this experience to the fullest and in joy, recognising the wholeness, oneness, and love within while embracing the ‘duality’ of humanness with all its heartfelt feelings and emotions, for all is part of this earthly life and the journey of awakening and remembering.

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