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September forecast 2020

The coming months will bring new energies, powerful guidance, and disclosures on multiple levels, helping us to dive deeply within to emerge fully from the truth of our hearts.

Circumstances, plans, and events are changing rapidly. It is not the time to make long-term plans, but rather to take one step at a time. So much is shifting, purifying, and transforming. When we look into the outer world, it can feel confusing and looks like increasing chaos, and it can feel like that inside ourselves too.
For the collective is a mere reflection of our consciousness and what we are experiencing on a personal level in similar but different ways.

It is not the time to try to understand with our minds what we are currently experiencing on a universal scale, as nothing is as it seems. We are called to self-inquire, to become fully aware of our truth, to stay out of the ‘drama’ and judgement, break free from what is no longer in alignment, and find guidance, clarity, and trust in our hearts. At the same time new ideas, creative visions, inspiration and the feeling of empowerment will emerge more strongly, helping us to gain clarity about how to live and manifest the callings of our hearts for the next few years.

Grounding and being present is the key to realising the stillness, light, peace, and unconditional love that are now more present on this Earth than ever, which may seem very contradictory for the mind, witnessing what is occurring in the world. These energies support the process of deep clearing and transformation powerfully on many levels, felt intensively collectively and individually during the rest of the year and the following 3-4 years.

In this New Paradigm we are undergoing profound transformation back to our true selves and experiencing frequency as well as timeline changes. Many of us, especially empaths and highly sensitive people, may feel significant physical and psychological shifts and ‘symptoms’ during this month.

We are being activated, our ‘density’, DNA, cells, and structure including our physical bodies, nervous systems, and subtle bodies are undergoing major transformation, “updates”, and changes. These symptoms can include physical pain, changing eating preferences and sleeping patterns, extreme thirst, anxiety, fatigue, headaches, abdominal pain, nausea, and loss of sense of time. Self-care walks in nature, meditation, grounding, physical exercise, healthy nutrition, lots of water, and listening to your needs must be priorities in the coming weeks.

The most important things to remember this month. Unveiling of darkness globally – that which is being lived egocentrically, is not serving the highest good of all and is not lived by the heart. Self-care is a priority. Letting go of the old, remembering more of your soul wisdom and truth, taking a leap into the unknown, emerging visions, inspiration, and creativity, becoming aware of new energies and spiritual guides, and finding peace, trust, and clarity in your heart.

Heightened Sensitivity and changing reality

Reality, both individually and collectively, is rapidly evolving, catching many people unprepared for these rapid transformations.  From an energetic perspective, we find ourselves in a pivotal moment on Earth, where we are awakening to deeper

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