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Our pain of separation and discrimination

synonyms: Disunion, detachment, disconnection
The action or state of moving or being moved apart. A situation in which two or more people or things are separated.

synonyms: systematization
A system in which people or things are put at various levels or ranks according to their importance.

1. treating a person or particular group of people differently, especially in a worse way from the way in which you treat other people, because of their skin colour, sex, sexuality, etc. (politically used)
2. the ability to see the difference between two things or people (formal use)

The current circumstances have led me to reflect and meditate on the topic of discrimination and separation. While searching for the definitions of these words I came across the synonyms for separation; disunion is one of them.

I deeply believe that the events that are happening right now are a profound reflection of our own pain of disunion and deep-rooted programs and beliefs that have been implanted in our consciousness for hundreds if not thousands of years. To increase our pain of separation, division, and disempowerment and to limit ourselves to our five senses and instinctive behaviours. This has generated a standing war between mankind to maintain and support the systematically built hierarchical system which has been based on inequality and separation and which only serves a self-proclaimed world elite!

‘Tools’ such as discrimination, separation, and therewith blame and judgement have been used for too long to keep systems alive that do not and never will serve the highest good of all. 

However, I feel called to write about this matter not to blame or judge anyone or anything, but to inspire each of us to dive beneath what is happening on the surface. And also, to hold compassion for all beings without judging, glorifying or demonising any, yet we must also recognise what is of the Spirit and what is of the ego.

We are at a pivotal point in human history on Earth where we are called to unity and to heal the separation – the disunion. We need to wake up and realise that we are all creation – all living beings, including the world beyond our five senses.

The moment we enter the human body we forget our true nature, which is the essence of divine love and union. We may still have vague conscious memories of that sense of oneness as children. But then we grow up in a world that merely teaches us to function in our minds, which is limited to this dimension. In a system, especially in western society, that does not even acknowledge our intuition, inner knowledge and wisdom we become our own ‘personalities’. We end up trapped in the illusion that we are separate from all that exists and reality becomes simply reduced to this third dimension, functioning from our ego-mind. We adopt identities, beliefs, and programs that we pick up in our environment and our brains begin to distinguish between things and classify them according to what has been learned. The mind, which is based on duality, begins to systematise and label everything to have a sense of order and security, unable to understand that we are, in our essence, the whole creation.

The coming years will urge us to wake up, and each of us must understand our own responsibility in co-creating this human experience. Only when we consciously reconnect with the intelligence of the heart can we recognise our essence and interconnection with everything and live lives from a higher consciousness and perspective. To change the existing 3D-reality every one of us needs to awaken to something bigger than the ego-mind. We must take responsibility for how we feel, think, act, and speak, and decide whether we want to live a life that includes all or only serves our benefits – for this ultimately determines the manifestation of our human experience personally and globally.

It is essential to understand that separation and discrimination begin in our daily lives where we are constantly judging, blaming, pointing out, and classifying, which is the fuel to keep a global hierarchical system alive that is built on judgement, inequality, and separation.

Only if each of us acknowledges the past and lets go of it, forgives and heals from the pain of personal trauma, anger and separation and returns to the union and essence of love within will there be a foundation that makes way for the ‘New Earth’ based on equality, love, and compassion. We must awaken to a greater reality and realise that this third dimension is merely a reflection of our consciousness.

Remember that this must be done with compassion and love. You must live and fully embody what you want to create in this world. This reality manifests through intention, feeling, and focus. This is the law of creation – of energy; for that is what we all are. You must be ready to take full responsibility for yourself and your life. And to heal, let go of everything including all identities you have adopted, and to integrate and fully embrace all that you are. It’s called the path of remembering – of self-mastery and awakening. Only then will you be able to fully open your heart, honour, respect, and embrace yourself and all of creation equally – including plants, animals, and Spirit – realising that all is One creation. Therefore, real lasting change in the world must begin within every one of us.

With so much love

You have made it till the end!

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