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October forecast 2020

Keywords for this month:
Surfacing grief, pain and letting go. Healing yourself and your ancestral bloodline. The collapse of timelines and dimensions. Speeding up of events. Speaking the truth. Deeper heart awakening. Changes in relationships; the relationship with yourself and others.

The months until the end of the year will bring change, transformation, and deeper awakening. We will personally and collectively experience events that include further heart awakening, revelations of various kinds, loss, ups and downs, changes, and transformation. Everything seems to change including our body, habits, ‘identity’ and our surroundings. Events will happen powerfully and there will be no way to go back to ‘the past’ or to ignore our truth and what we have to let go of any longer.

Especially this month we are experiencing another phase of letting go that is felt deeply within the core of the hearts – we are still in the cycle of heart-awakening and the truth within. And this seems not to be done and over with for the coming months, if not years.

It’s really about realizing and owning that you hold the key to your future, life-experience, wellbeing, truth, and all the answers you are looking for.

Sudden insights, revelations, and wake-up calls are part of this significant change, which can even lead to feelings of slight shock, being thrown out of your ‘old’ life and comfort zone. Give yourself enough time to heal, grieve, and feel the pain so that it can dissolve. Events happen at an accelerated speed and in unexpected and unpredictable ways on all levels personally and globally. Breathe deeply between the short breaks of calm.

You may notice how you become more aware of your multidimensionality. Past, future, and present collapse into a single moment, which leads you to experience yourself in several places at the same time. You feeling of how you perceive time may change. Dreams can feel very vivid and reality-like. This energy supports you in remembering and ‘downloading’ your wisdom and skills from other lifetimes (timelines), healing and releasing traumas that do not belong in this life and healing your ancestral bloodline. Take enough time to be, listen, and tune in.

Mother Earth is moving in her inner being and contributes her part to the cleansing and awakening. We will be faced with more turbulent weather events and environmental challenges.

Even when the world seems to be heading into deeper chaos, you have the power to decide whether to engage in everything or withdraw and connect within, remaining anchored in your strength, power, and centre of the heart. Remember to trust and have faith that everything unfolds as it should and that eventually, all is serving your highest good.

Allow yourself to be spontaneous and creative. Try new things or do something you have wanted to do for a long time. Move thoughts, emotions, and feelings like worry, fear, pain, sadness, confusion, or anger through your body. Dance, run, or create – just move and come back to the present moment, for that is all there is. Take it step by step, be aware and very present in the here and now. Practice a daily ritual to consciously connect with your heart space, the present moment, spirit, and earth. Remember that you are always divinely supported.

And yes, things are changing fast, and that can be very challenging and overwhelming right now and in the coming years. However, all is unfolding in divine ways and timing. Choose your focus and acknowledge a few things every day for which you are grateful. The feeling of gratitude is one of the most powerful frequencies helping you to find peace, focus on what works, and to elevate your experiences and emotions. Always return to emotions and feelings, reflecting the future you want to create for yourself and the world. You, your thoughts, emotions, feelings and frequency are very significant in this global shift and how it will all unfold eventually.

Find the courage this month to speak up, stand in your truth, and be seen, even if the divisions and differences of opinion seem to be increasing among people. It is not about convincing others of your opinion or world view, but about bringing different perspectives and points of view forward in a ‘neutral way’. That can challenge relationships in your personal life and work environment. Some people may decide to leave your life, or you may have to move on. Yet this will create space for new relationships that are aligned with who you are today. More like-minded people will start coming into your life; people you feel very connected to on soul level. Trust this process of tremendous change and awakening of the heart. Practice compassion, gratitude, and mindfulness as much as you can. And most of all, do not give up and keep going.

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