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November forecast 2020

This month’s main topics:
A month filled with the powerful potential to experience healing, clarity, and upgrade at all levels in the midst of the emerging chaos. Although it seems that not much is changing compared to the last few months, this month brings a peaceful, uplifting and calming energy available to us when we are able to become centred in the heart. Finding clarity for yourself and your path forward.

Like most of 2020, November is another strong month of deep healing and awakening, as external circumstances mirror what still needs to be healed within. We will also witness the revelation of more, sometimes shocking, truths on a personal and collective level. The healing of our ancestral line is another major focus of this month.

Many aspects feel very contradictory during this time. As the divisions between people and opinions, and emerging anger, frustration, and fear grow, there are also powerful energies that profoundly help us in finding long desired clarity, understanding, and a clear vision for the next steps ahead.

Even higher frequencies reach our planet and activate us on all levels to the extent that you may wake up one morning feeling like a different person. These changes will need some time for your nervous system and body to integrate.

Memories and knowledge from past lives will emerge. Dreams can still feel intense and very real and bring you a lot of insights if you pay attention. Take time to write and reflect on them in your meditations. You may become aware of energies of high frequency that you have not felt before and that will guide and support you on your journey.

The way you do things, activities, or interests that you enjoy can suddenly switch and no longer work. Your perception of yourself, your life, the way you do things, and what you want for your future is changing too.

At the beginning this can result in confusion, sadness, and grief as you have to let go of the old. But the more willing you are and trust yourself to surrender to the circumstances giving yourself enough time to feel and integrate the transformation and new information in stillness, the more effortless it will feel to flow and spread your wings finally.

It now seems as if there are only two paths to choose from to walk forward: the path of separation, judgement, and anger or the path of unity, compassion, and love. Many of you will deeply realise that we are all just visitors in this world and that we are all called to stand together and live in harmony with open hearts.

This is a month in which truths must be spoken from the core of your heart in compassion, love, and unity. The more you allow yourself to be you and be seen, the more the universe will support you and open doors to people and opportunities to help you in the manifestation and expansion of your soul mission.

As for the whole year, self-care, daily grounding, heart centred exercises, and mindfulness techniques are a must for this month.

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