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June forecast 2020

June brings profound personal and global revelations, and it seems as though everything is getting tenser in this 3rd dimension. You will experience major healing and ‘upgrades’ on all levels of body, mind and spirit.

It’s a month of even deeper reflection, purification and truth-finding. It may feel that turmoil inside and outside of you is increasing. You need to understand that you are in the first cycle of this New Paradigm, which is about the purification of all that is non-Light. Also, many forces that live a life based on their “non-Light” aspects, will try to stop the ascension process of Earth and humanity by spreading misleading information and creating events designed to increase fear, hatred and separation.

As irrational as it may seem to the mind, this reality, including systems, oppression, inequality and, war is created by thoughts, feelings, beliefs, deep-rooted programs, speech, action and, karmic contracts. It is a reflection of your consciousness – a reality of co-creation.
Only by returning to your essence of divine love within your heart, can you be part of the change that you want to experience in this world.

Give yourself enough time in the coming weeks for reflection and to find peace and a deeper truth within. You may feel tired, sleep-deprived, anxious or feel as if you are not entirely on planet Earth. You may become highly conscious of your simultaneous existence in different timelines. In these coming weeks, your guides of Light (your highest aspects) will be working intensively with you on all levels, even at nighttime. If you need rest and support, let them know.

Turn inward for greater clarity, understanding and your next steps forward. But don’t rush anything – the time to take action will come.

This month you are also going to realize on a deeper level that you are here to show new ways and to bring light and healing to Earth. This may happen in unexpected ways that, as a result, will include a ‘change of plan’. Also, make sure to leave enough time for integration, self-nurturing, joyful play, walks in nature, time with loved ones and magical moments.

So much love and blessings

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