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February forecast 2021

The Chinese New Year this month brings the energy of a new cycle. Even if changes are not yet noticeable, there is a deep awareness of a new beginning. Many will feel profound clarity about themselves, their unique way forward, and the steps that need to be taken.

At the same time, feelings of going back and forth between the ‘old’ and the ‘new’ self may be arising. The split within the collective is becoming more apparent on all levels. There are two paths to choose from: either the higher or the lower path of consciousness. It is important to recognise that neither path is wrong or right, but that it is a personal choice that depends on one’s consciousness and awareness.
Therefore, emotions are intense on both sides of the spectrum just as they have been during the past months.  This can be experienced as extreme ups and downs emotionally and physically. This is especially true for highly sensitive people and empaths as they may pick up the frequencies of the collective. Self-care, self-protection, and time for oneself are therefore essential.

Most of you will feel a deep desire to finally allow yourselves to speak your truth and regain the freedom to live an authentic life. Also, to follow your heart and passion and regain inner peace and the sense of unity within. It is a time in which you can let go of the 3-dimensional ‘play’ and perceive reality from a higher perspective, realising the truth beyond the human drama.

You will begin to notice that as you align with the higher timeline, also referred to as the fifth dimension, your sense of awareness of your spiritual divine guidance and psychic gifts are changing. The connection and communication with the divine and your innate essence become clearer and feel differently. The manifestation is more immediate. Therefore, pay attention to your feelings, emotions, thoughts, and words as they greatly impact the creation of your human experience.

With the transformation and shift into the New Earth frequency, it is becoming clear that predicting probable outcomes of events, relationships, and circumstances is no longer possible. For with the new energy, we must learn to live in the now again with the understanding that each is a co-creator of its reality. We can therefore individually and collectively align with new potential in every moment, particularly with this higher frequency that responds much more quickly to your frequency and focus.

Take time to set clear intentions for your next steps and get started. Allow yourself to reclaim the freedom to be and express yourself fully with love and compassion from your heart. Choose your path and honour other people’s choices even if they are not aligned with the New Earth’s frequency. Remember that this reality is a divine play in which everyone chooses a role and has the freedom to choose anew at any moment and that all is always in divine alignment.

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