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Energy Update for the month of July 2024

The sacredness of your energy and body

July’s energies invite you to honour the sacredness of your energy and body, allowing yourself to be in your own space. It is a month to slow down—or you will be slowed down for deep inner reflection, truth-telling, and realising how your thinking, actions, and environment influence your well-being.

Only by intentionally residing in your energy and space can you achieve the needed clarity and activate your ‘creation energy’ held in the sacredness of your womb.

Letting go of becoming something or someone

As you listen, the prevailing energies guide you to finally release the pursuit of ‘becoming’ something or someone and stop evaluating your progress and worth based on social standards, external feedback, or rewards. It is a call to release the idea of fulfilment linked to a goal, an ‘if’ or ‘when’, and an idea of outside achievement or success. The feeling of emptiness and lack increases with the constant hope for something different instead of embracing what is.

Coming back to your essence of ‘being’

You are called into your essence of ‘being’. Distractions from yourself are magically removed. It can feel like a reset, a completion of a cycle that allows you to accept what is, to finally see yourself fully. As you embrace the present moment, you may question aspects of your life and the choices you have made in the past. Self-doubt, grief, sadness, regret or a desire to withdraw may still be with you this month. If you can accept, acknowledge and heal these parts of yourself, you will return to vitality and wholeness.

You will once again realise that pain and suffering only come from resisting change and evolution, letting go, and surrendering to the natural cycle. Trust that the web of life always holds and supports you in the ebb and flow of your journey.

Take full responsibility as the creator of your life

Letting go of the ‘story of the past’ and the ‘story of me’, as well as of inherited identities, beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you, supports you in reconnecting with your self-worth, trust, wisdom and inner guidance in a new way. These powerful energies finally bring you back into your heart, into the present and your authenticity and encourage you to take full responsibility as the creator of your life.

New creative impulses, joy and passion

This will help you to implement the changes you have become aware of in recent months. New creative impulses will emerge and bring clarity about what truly brings you joy and passion, what you want to create next and what you want to dream into manifestation, which will align more with yourself and your passion. This will define your steps forward and determine the people you want to surround yourself with. It will be people who will encourage and support you. There is no going back to something that is not in alignment with you anymore.

It is a profound, courageous act to accept and recognise all you are in every moment – with all your emotions, feelings, light and shadow aspects. It means letting go of ideas and beliefs that may have been shaped by societal expectations or the ‘status quo’ of how your life should unfold and what it means to be ‘successful’, recognised or loved. This journey requires deep trust in yourself and life – in all things, listen to what your inner voice and heart are telling you, not your mind.

Questions to ask this month

  • How much are you allowing yourself to open your heart, listen and be guided by your higher Self and spiritual guidance to illuminate your path?
  • Are you honouring and nourishing your body, your energy and your energetic space?
  • What brings you genuine, authentic joy and naturally grounds you in your body and the present?
  • In which areas of your life do you doubt yourself, or are you still stuck in old patterns, afraid of change or trying to fulfil external expectations? And why?
  • How have you changed and evolved in the last six months? What needs to be realigned accordingly?
  • What rituals and practices can you introduce to protect yourself and filter the daily flood of world news using your heart and inner intelligence?
  • How can you trust yourself, life and the “divine timing” even more?

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