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Energy report May 2021

May is a month of transformation, healing and letting go, bringing many opportunities to experience and become more of yourself. This can bring an intense clearing and show up in physical imbalances of all kinds and emotional exhaustion. Honour your need for a lot of rest and alone time. If you can listen to the messages of your body, the possibility for deep transformation and healing becomes available to you. The more you can let go and surrender and flow with what is, the clearer you become about the path you want to take for the months and even years ahead.

To sum it up again in a few words:

  • Clearing via the physical body, need for rest and dealing with physical issues/diseases, which at the same time can be a major opportunity to experience deep healing including the healing of your ancestral lineage and to become more of yourself.
  • The body is still experiencing massive changes and upgrades due to the incoming universal light frequencies.
  • There is a necessity to rest, be present and nourish yourself.
  • Further activations, awakening and revelations.
  • The split in the collective is felt even more strongly.
  • Remembering and exploring your passion, needs and more clarity about your life vision for the coming time.

I felt strongly guided to share only a few key points relevant to this month and include the prayer of entry by Caroline Myss for your support. If it speaks to you, read it out loud daily and, if possible, for the next 30 days. The word God on this prayer signifies the universal divine energy. Feel free to change it to whatever word resonates for you most, i.e., to Universe, Angel, Creation.

“I cross the bridge into the silent bliss of my interior Castle. I close the drawbridge and forbid all outside influences from entry into this holy place that is my soul. Here in my Castle, I am alone with God. Under God’s light and companionship, I discover the depth and beauty of my soul. I embrace the power of prayer. I open myself to divine guidance. I surrender myself to become a channel for grace, healing, and service as God directs my life.

Here I embrace my devotion to the divine. And here I pause in this silence to animate my soul’s dignity. I feel my interior self-calling me. I resonate deeply with my own divinity. I am prepared now to encounter, to become, to dialogue with my own divinity, that which is God within me.

Here in my Castle, my faith becomes a fire, cleansing my soul of every fear. Each time I enter my Castle, I trust even more deeply in the presence and wisdom of God in my life. I surrender my mind, my heart, my need for safety, and my need for rational explanations and orderly instructions to God’s will for me. I trust that all in my life is as it should be. I release the need to know why events happen as they do, whether painful or glorious. I release the need to let others know they have harmed me. I release my fear of being abandoned on this Earth and left to face my life alone. I release my fear of becoming infirm. I surrender in trust that I am on this Earth with purpose. I am guided, I am cared for, for every prayer is heard, and every prayer is answered. I am a channel for grace and delight in the silent bliss that surrounds me in the sacred centre of my Castle, in the intimate presence of God. In this silence, the only voice I hear is God’s.”

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