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Energy report April 2021

The incoming waves of light energy this month and in the months ahead are accelerating and changing our perception of time. Many of you are starting to feel the quickening of time very consciously.  Everything is in a transformation of frequency and therefore becoming lighter in density. We are shifting into higher timelines and become increasingly aware of the nature of the multidimensional reality of ourselves and life itself.

With this new frequency, potentials and opportunities can change fast and it is important that you start to consciously co-create this reality through your frequency, which is determined by your thoughts, beliefs, programmes, habits, speech and actions. The next few weeks are characterised by further activation of your potential and creativity and gain clarity for yourself if you are ready to become the full expression of who you truly are again. Be bold and courageous to follow your inner guidance and express yourself in the world freely.

The present energies are also supportive and nurturing for new ventures and ideas anchored in your heart truth. You are being asked to fully realise what is no longer aligned with the new you to be able to manifest your visions and dreams in this earthly world, reclaim your truth and learn to navigate this new reality. Reality that is now being lived on this planet by many more of you.

Letting go of what once was, including the grief, sadness, feelings of loneliness, and healing of the suppression of your creative expression will be part of this process over the next few months.

Make it your daily ritual to ground yourself and listen to your insights and inner divine guidance. Allow yourself to simply be. This way the next few weeks will feel lighter, more empowering and joyful than the past few months.

There is also a need to adjust to sudden changes in plans, relationships, visions, and personal and worldly circumstances, for that is the nature of this time. It is a cycle urging humanity to get back in touch with the cyclical nature of the self, life, nature, and creation rather than to hold on to what is destined to transform and change.

April also brings the opportunity to connect on a deeper level with your Soul Tribe, collaborate with others, and create and bring forth more magic in this world. Always remember to stay centred in your heart and live your life from this space of infinite wisdom, clarity, and love with the understanding that all is one.

You have made it till the end!

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