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Energy forecast March 2021

We have moved into the new cycle. March, like February, is an energetically highly charged month. Although the world seems to be moving deeper into duality and separation, this month (as in past months) we can experience an energy of deep peace and stillness if we can let go of the human drama.

There is a powerful open portal inviting you deeper within, sit in stillness, reconnect with nature, and embody more of the energy of unity consciousness present on Earth now and available to those aligned with the new timeline and paradigm.

Themes related to this chakra that may arise for you include your creative, sexual, and sensual expression, finding balance between the feminine and masculine aspects, letting go of false identities, and diving deeper into your truth and power. Supporting you to remember more of yourself, the nature of reality, and clarifying your path and mission in the months and years ahead. We will therefore see more people stepping into their truth and expressing themselves more determinedly and freely.

Due to the massive planetary activation the body and energy system is still going through a deep metamorphosis. Worldly events are also taking their toll on each of us. For many it feels increasingly tiring and exhausting. Listen to the needs of your body and mind and nurture yourself as you feel is necessary! It is highly probable that we will experience more earthquakes, extreme weather, and significant impacts of water with these energies stirring up our atmosphere.

This month also asks you to further embody all that you are and live this human life with an open heart, in love and unity, letting go of analysing, judging, and controlling. Instead surrender fully to life in all its aspects and potentials, make peace with what is, and trust the unfolding of the divine play with you in it as a self-responsible co-creator of your experience and life. There is also a growing realisation that nothing is what it seems. And the further we move forward, the more we have to remember that truth can only be found in our hearts.

The 5 Elements

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