Are you looking for a more physical practice to help unify your body, mind and spirit?

Ashtanga yoga is a powerful and transformational method that uses synchronization of breath and movement in a progressive series of yoga postures. This process produces internal heat and a purifying sweat which detoxifies muscles and organs. It greatly supports body, mind and spirit.

Benefits include increased wellbeing, concentration, strength, stamina and flexibility. Ashtanga Yoga also helps to manage stress, anxiety, depression and physical illness more effectively.

Traditionally, Ashtanga Yoga is a dynamic practice and is taught ‘Mysore style’ which means you practice at your own pace under the guidance of a teacher. In the Ashtanga sequence, each posture builds on the previous one. Students are given poses one by one, receiving the next posture only after obtaining a level of mastery on the previous one. The student’s practice will slowly lengthen as he or she gains and concentration.

Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois who was the founder of the Ashtanga Institute in Mysore, India. Today is grandson Sharath is teaching at the Sharath Yoga Center in Mysore. 


Packages and group bookings are available. Contact us to enquire.

Do I have to have yoga experience?

No. Beginners to advanced practitioners are equally encouraged to attend. All classes are led with the student’s ability in mind. No prior knowledge of yoga is required.

Where are the classes?

Classes are run in yoga centres or the privacy of your own home.
Click here to see Franziska’s current group teaching schedule.

I would like a private lesson, is this possible?

Yes, you can book in for private Ashtanga Yoga lessons with Franziska by booking here.

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How long is each class?

Each class is between 60-90 minutes.

What commitment do I need to make?

To realize the full benefit of this practice it is recommended to commit to 2 -3 classes per week for at least 3 months.

I haven’t done yoga before so I’m not sure if I want to commit for that long?

The best way to see if Ashtanga Yoga is for you, is to attend a class. Book in with Franziska and discuss your individual needs with her. If you can’t find a suitable group class, try a private lesson to get started.

I’m not in Switzerland – how do I experience a class with Franziska?

Franziska travels globally every year. She may be able to schedule an in-person lesson with you in your home country if her schedule allows. Email to request.


Private lessons $80 (USD) / 60 min

*Payment also in EUR or CHF possible. The current exchange rate at the time of booking applies.

Franziska’s teaching is an enriching and inspiring experience… Her class is characterized by empathetic and individual care as well as discipline. Through encouragement to challenge myself but to also respect and accept my limits, I grow in my practice and in myself. Yoga supports me to come back to my centre within – and that’s exactly what I experience in Franziska’s classes.

Thank you so much for that!



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