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The 5 Elements

We are in a deep cycle of clearing, resetting and awakening. One of the ancient civilisations that explain the cycle of transformation are the Chinese with the theory of the 5 elements, embedded in the philosophy that what applies to the macrocosm also applies equally to the microcosm. ⁠

I love to invite you to dive with me over the next 5 weeks through the virtues of the individual elements according to Chinese medicine mixed with intuitive guidance. 

The cycle that in nature, is seen as the cycle of growth is called the ‘shen cycle’. Water represents the seed of life, as the water is the foundation of earthly creation. Then seeds sprout and become a plant (Wood). This plant grows and blossoms to reach its full expression (Fire). The blossom may form a fruit which may be eaten (Earth). Eventually, the plant dies and returns to the soil (Metal). To then begin another cycle of growth and death again. For there are many cycles within a cycle. Each element is ascribed and relates to organs, emotions, virtues and to clinical symptoms.⁠

When all elements are embodied in their highest expression, nurturing and coexisting with each other, we can realise our fullest potential – to flow, co-create and live a life from the essence of or heart – fully embodying all that we are; our divinity and humanness.⁠

Virtues of each element:⁠
🌀 Water: inner wisdom and will, awe (will and wisdom)⁠
🌳 Wood: the ability to see inside; benevolence, kindness (ethereal soul)⁠
🔥 Fire: joy, clarity, instinctually knowing how to act serving the highest good (consciousness)⁠
🌏 Earth: being and owning one’s Truth, integrity, equanimity (mind)⁠
⭐ Metal: the embodiment of the Divine (Spirit) and human aspects, reverence for Spirit, courage (corporeal soul)⁠ 

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