Group circles, meditations and prayers are powerful and magical ways to bring balance and healing to ourselves and the world.

The Heart-Space Circle is a place for heart connections.
It’s an invitation to you to drop into this eternal and peaceful place within. To connect to your guidance, wisdom and with all that is – the very essence of who you are.
These monthly circles create the space, for us to connect, share and gain clarity and freedom within, allowing us to become aware of our interconnectedness again.
Every circle will unfold differently and according to divine guidance. We always will work with the current energies and the themes that are important for the group. Each time you will be guided through a meditation, helping you to tap into your inner wisdom, find trust and stillness within.
Will a recording be available if I miss the live event?

Unfortunately, not. Each month is shaped by specific energies and topics being included in the circle. At this moment it will be relevant for those who are present physically and in spirit.
However, if you would like to be a part of the circle but can not attend in person, please send us a message with the subject “Count me in spirit – Heartspace Circle DD/MM/YYYY”.  We will then add you to the heartspace-list to energetically join us.

I have never meditated before, can I still attend?

Yes! Group guided meditations are an excellent way to start your mediation journey. You can connect and learn from others if you wish.

How do I access the circle?

Log in with the link for your time zone that you can find in our schedule.

What does it cost?

Absolutely nothing! This is a free event and we are excited to be able to offer this unique and wonderful Heart Space Circle to you.

If I want to give a money exchange how can I do that?

Donations are very much appreciated and help us continue to hold space for you. If you feel drawn to give a donation you can do so here by Paypal. Thank you!

I first met Franziska in Byron Bay. She organized a women’s circle meditation in honour of the full moon. She created a beautiful, warm-hearted, and safe space to explore the Self.

There is a magical alchemy that occurs when women come together in their truth and meditate together in compassion, love, mutual support and understanding.

A feeling of belonging was instantly created by the first intentions we shared in a circle.

Franziska took the time to allow each woman to express her own intentions. The meditation had a strong healing effect on the whole group and the planet.

She held the circle on a very profound and powerful level. Franziska brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the circle and leads with kindness, grace and humility.

This women’s circle has encouraged me to grow personally and to seek change. I felt nourished, loved and cared for. I loved to spend some time together to enjoy tea and homemade cakes after the meditation. I felt so much love and compassion.

I look forward to the next time already.



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