Prayers are a powerful way to help us focus our energy on what we want to manifest in our lives. They are a long-known ritual which ancient cultures used to support to create of what was needed and desired. They are a way to manifest the desired according to the highest will of the divine and for the highest good of all. And also, to honour and give thanks to all there is.

We are used to focusing on what we no longer want. Surely this is the first step to realising what is no longer serving us and what needs to be left behind and changed. This allows us to create what is aligned with our values and truth at this time. For this to happen the old cycle must be finalized and closed.  As long as we hold on to unhealed traumas, wounds, or limiting beliefs and feelings of not being good enough we are not able to fully receive the infinite abundance and magic of life. Thus, time and space for grief, healing, and preparation for a new beginning is often needed.

A prayer of manifestation will help us understand where feelings of resistance or even fear of receiving and being truly fulfilled can arise, which then need to be addressed further.

A cycle of 30 days is a powerful way to work with a prayer. It will effectively support you in aligning yourself with the supportive energies in the coming months to give birth to your projects, visions, and dreams.  It’s a wonderful way to uplift your energy and feelings, start the day by focusing your body, mind, and spirit on your visions and dreams.

This is a beautiful prayer by Iyanla Vanzant from her book ‘One Day My Soul Just Opened Up’ that I love to use and I highly recommend to you.

“The divine source of all life is the fulfillment of all potential.
I believe that the divine energy of universal intelligence is guiding me now. I believe that the divine source of universal supply is fulfilling my every need now.
I believe that the divine presence of wholeness and wellbeing fills my being now.
I know what the Divine knows.
I have what the Divine owns.
I am what the Divine owns.
I am what the Divine is.
I know this to be the truth of my being.
I accept this truth as the will of the Divine.
I trust the one life, one Mind, one Power, one Presence of manifest at its fullest potential and fulfill every desired good in my heart.
I am so grateful for the knowledge of this truth as it unfolds.

And so it is. Amen / Namasté”

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