After having left a very demanding, full time, corporate career to take time off to just ‘be’ and decide my next move, I met Franziska for a couple of Intuitive Reading sessions out of curiosity. I was pleasantly surprised to find Franziska with candid, compassionate, practical insight, which provided me with encouragement and confidence to take the next steps towards my journey based on my own inner voice. Although intuitive coaching doesn’t give you the silver bullet magic solutions to all of your “problems”, I feel it provides something better – the beacons that light the path that you choose to take based on your own inner wisdom.
Franziska is the real deal, you won’t be disappointed.



Franziska is an amazing facilitator and teacher of the Magnified Healing workshop. I came away after the weekend feeling so energised and fresh. Magnified Healing is an extremely powerful healing modality. I would recommend any one wanting to become more in tune with there healing spiritual side to take the course it was a great investment into my healing career. Thank you Franziska.


Franziska is working on the very subtle energetic and ethereal light bodies using your own wisdom and sometimes dormant knowledge of your own experience to shift blockages that may be causing unnecessary pain or prevention of movement along your true life path. I am very new to this healing modality and feel Franziska has guided me to unlock some old patterns and reconnect to my own healing abilities, a lovely reawakening. Thank you Franziska!


I am truly grateful for the knowledge, love and awareness Franziska is able to share with us. I did an Intuitive Reading with her and it was a wonderful experience. I came away feeling very inspired, clear and supported, knowing that she is reaching out to our divine selves and acting in the highest good. I have also completed a Magnified Healing workshop, which I’ve found to be a beautiful tool for self-awareness, support and guidance. I feel very blessed to have received these teachings and readings, and to have had the opportunity to connect in this way. Thank you Franziska.


Franziska is an amazing teacher, she is so patience, knowledgeable and well organised. She put in a lot of effort to prepare for the Magnified Healing workshop. There was a lot of interactions and practice time; she supported us during practice to make sure we all do the right things. Her place for the workshop is very calm, neat, clean and tidy. She controls her timing very well and covered everything she needed to cover. I have benefited so much by attending her workshop. Thank you Franziska, to have taught me to become a confident Practitioner and Teacher of Magnified Healing.


Franziska is a very talented and gifted healer. Her skill and natural intuitive gifts combine together to support, uplift and help you bring balance into all areas of life where attention is needed. I have worked with Franziska both as my student and subsequently as a client when I needed healing help, and feel confident that she has a lot of gifts to offer to all of us. A wonderful, genuine and supportive soul. I couldn’t recommend her enough.


Having never had any energy healing & no knowledge with regard to this modality of healing (strictly western society healthcare in the past) I can highly recommend Franziska approach & technic. Franziska was extremely supportive through out the process, with reassuring advise to all my questions, I found the whole experience worth while on both a physical, emotion & spiritual level. Franziska has a gentle sympathetic approach & I found the energy healing extremely powerful & effective. I would not hesitate to ask Franziska for help in the future & have already recommended her to my friends & my western work colleagues.


Intuitive Coaching & Healing Session

Franziska is a remarkable person. She has the gift to communicate the messages in an unambiguous still sensitive way. What I most appreciate about the cooperation with her are the very specific tools she provides that help me in my process. She is a great support in a challenging time. Thank you from the depths of my heart, Franziska!


Having suffered with a pain in my lower back/ hip area I decided to visit Franziska for a healing as I felt the pain was more of an energy blockage. Franziska did an Energy Healing for me; I was astounded by the strength of the energies. It cleared away a lot of negative energy within me. After the session I felt a massive release and in the subsequent days the pain I had experienced dissipated. Franziska your healing work is powerful; intuitive; I am very grateful to you for helping me. I would highly recommend Franziska to anyone on the path of self-awareness.


Franziska’s Reading sessions and teachings bring me back to some fundamental truths. She provides me with affirmations, new ways of looking at situations and clear relevant guidance, focusing on the heart space and remembering our divinity.
Namaste, in gratitude Yolanda.


Living in LA, I’ve come across many “healers” but Fran is the real deal!! I’ve had Energy Work and Readings with her and they have really helped me to shift energy, patterns and to see things more clearly . She is amazing!


Mentor Program

When I started working with Franziska in September 2016 I felt as if I lived life in a thick emotional fog. I had goals and dreams for what I wanted to achieve, vague ideas of what I wanted my life to be like, but also felt hindered in working towards these goals by invisible forces, mostly leftover thought and behavioural patterning from my past. You don’t know what you don’t know, and working with Franziska through the Mentor Program equipped me with tools to illuminate the fog, map out the terrain of my emotional landscape, discard ways of being and seeing that no longer served me and install a new sense of self and curiosity about life and what it has to offer. Franziska is an incredibly supportive and non-judgemental mentor, the perfect role model for us to emulate when relating to ourselves. I cannot recommend her enough.


Amazed!! Deeply transformational…. I highly recommend!!


Energy Healing – Angelic Reiki Workshop

I’ve been working with Fran for a couple of years now and she is truly a gifted healer. I had completed the Angelic Reiki 1&2 with Franziska what a beautiful experience it was with her. She is such a wonderful Teacher, Guide who supported myself and the entire group completely throughout the 2.5 days, with so much love and grace. Her knowledge for any question thrown at her was delivered with wisdom, love, and light. I am looking forward to any other services she provides in the future. Highly recommended!


I did a couple of workshops with Franziska and I was truly impressed with all the information she had to offer and all her dedication and compromise to sharing them with us. The Angelic Reiki workshops were the first contact I had with the spiritual and energetic teachings and I can say that it indeed changed my life. It was the doorway to my awakening. She is a really intuitive person, an excellent teacher but also an excellent coach and guider. I also did a personal session with her, which helped me a lot at that time. She gave me consistent advises and guidance to support me in my daily life but also on my spiritual path. Highly Recommend!


Energy Healing – Magnified Healing Workshop

Franziska’s compassion, dedication & highly developed intuition makes her uniquely amazing as a teacher & spiritual coach. She ‘walks her talk’ which has inspired me to start living my truth & to honour my own unique Essence. The Angelic Reiki workshops & Magnified Healing workshop facilitated by Franziska have so far had the most profound effect on me & my life. Each workshop I was able to consciously experience a deep connection to source; to physically feel this divine energy coming in & to receive affirmation that we all, with no exceptions, hold the power within us to heal & do extraordinary things. After the last Angelic Reiki workshop I woke the next day feeling a sensation in my face like I’d been given the deluxe facial at some heavenly day spa! Truly amazing! Two beautiful, gentle but powerful workshops I would highly recommend for everyone, and to you Franziska who brought the love, warmth & wisdom needed to facilitate them, I thank you with the deepest of gratitude.


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