If we search for the word awakening in the dictionary, we will find definitions such as “an act of waking from sleep”, “an act or moment of becoming suddenly aware of something”, and “coming into existence or awareness”.

This new cycle that we have entered on Earth awakens each of us to new ways of experiencing reality and ourselves.
Many people are beginning to learn about their innate wisdom and true nature and become aware of existence beyond 3-dimensional reality. One of the reasons for this phenomenon is an increase in the frequency of the Earth grid. Some even point to an imminent pole reversal.

This means that all inhabitants of the Earth will have to readjust to these changes. This transformation causes a thinning of the veils between the different dimensions. Anything that does not align with this frequency will eventually undergo a transformation. We are also going to experience more extreme weather events, tide shifts, cycles, changes to rhythms, and a different perception of time. Many cultures have spoken about this “new era” long ago.

This awakening process has become a reality for all of us, whether we are aware of it or not. We are urged to let go of what is not in our innate truth. That includes letting go and healing of beliefs, traumas, old wounds, and identities that we and our ancestors have adopted. We’re also becoming more sensitive to and aware of subtle energies, may develop foresight and deeper understanding of a broader reality about ourselves and all of creation. 
The body and mind must adjust to our higher mind/self and the new frequency. This process often referred to as ‘the dark night of the soul’, can be experienced with changing symptoms such as anxiety, exhaustion, physical pain, a sense of loss of identity, loneliness, and confusion.

Most people find neither understanding nor support for their newly faced challenges and insights. A new way of being that may not yet be fully understood and can be very confusing and even frightening.

In the coming times, we will feel this transformation even more intensely at all levels – personal and global.
More than ever, tools of mindfulness such as yoga, meditation, or Thai Chi are vital for finding a deeper understanding and ways to support oneself in these times. Being and connecting with nature has also proven beneficial for calming a busy mind and anxiety and to assist in healing the body and mind.

Also, allow yourself to look at health from new perspectives and how you can be supported. Many “inexplicable” symptoms have reasons. With an open mind, we can often find support and understanding in an alternative method that considers the body, mind, and spirit as one. Always be reminded that these changes are in the highest good of all and are necessary to eventually live in a more equal, balanced, and heart-centred world again.

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