Waves of Oneness holds space for a global community of individuals committed to living from their hearts in wholeness, joy and authenticity.

We are ambassadors of the new cycle Earth has entered, also called the new paradigm of light.

Waves of Oneness’ mission is to share information about this new paradigm. We empower individuals to transform, honour and integrate the unity of both their human-ness and divine essence in balance with the principles of the divine feminine and masculine.

We assist each person in the process of their own metamorphosis back into their heart – the sphere in which our own truth and innate wisdom resides.

Waves of Oneness is a portal for education, healing and holistic living. We offer and hold a nurturing, non-judgmental and supportive space to connect, share and grow together, with the aim of living awakened and in authenticity and harmony with all.

The core values most important to Waves of Oneness and our community include


  • Authenticity

  • Joy

  • Self-Responsibility

  • Unity

  • Equality and Respect

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