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Element of Earth – divine feminine

Traditionally this element of the 5 elements represents the ultimately divine feminine principle – the Mother Goddess from whom all like comes and returns. She represents fertility, strength and is constantly transforming as a way of honouring Nature’s changes. ⁠

An embodied and balancing Earth element allows us to find nourishment within and to feel empathy and appreciation for ourselves – resolving the external need for nourishment and love. We then can embrace and honour our core Self -, feeling deeply grounded and connected with our core essence.⁠
We feel inspired and in clarity about our purpose and heart mission and are capable of receiving and giving unconditionally from our heart. ⁠

For only true giving allows us to support others with integrity and love without giving away our energy.

Namaste. x

The 5 Elements

We are in a deep cycle of clearing, resetting and awakening. One of the ancient civilisations that explain the cycle of transformation are the Chinese with the theory of the 5 elements, embedded in the

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